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The Key factor of the Choice of activities, the case of OSI’s ESA Space Camp in Lenk, Switzerland 2016

The offered activities for this Space Camp were nice and appropriate for the purpose. However, I would suggest for future camps to first recruit the potential instructors and choose activities according to their skills in order to make use of the full potential of the staff. Additionally, the local facilities need to be familiar to the organizers in order to make a plan for simultaneously happening activities. We often had to improvise and it was exhausting to lead activities with three or four different groups and many kids in the gymnasium. Especially for rainy days, there need to be enough other suitable rooms/halls where activities can take place.

Furthermore, it might make sense to offer different activities for juniors and teens/seniors in order to prevent injuries. Many kids hurt their fingers and arms respectively during ball games. This risk is especially high for the youngest kids who do not have the strength or coordination skills yet to properly manage the impact of big and heavy balls. If it is not possible to organize different activities, the risk of injuries can be decreased by a diligent warm-up. My group told me that they always had a “Camp Song”, one of the actual chart songs with Space-Camp lyrics. An idea would be to use this song and to establish a warmup routine which every instructor can use before starting the activity to make sure that every participant is physically prepared. At least, all the instructors should insist on a warm-up so that it is just natural for the kids to do that before starting their activity.

I received very positive overall feedback from the participants for this camp. Using the individual skills and resources of the counselors and offering age-appropriate activities would probably result in even more exciting and diverse activities which are safe for all kids to participate in.

Franziska Hirschauer,
date de publication : 9 mars 2017,
date de dernière mise à jour : 9 mars 2017

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